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It’s really lovely to have a session given by someone who is really passionate about the subject and really cares. They ensured they gave the answers for the questions asked. Speech marks

Medical Student, University of Birmingham

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Recording a 12 Lead ECG


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The redeveloped ANTT - Aseptic Non Touch Technique course

Aseptic Technique hand washing imageThe recently updated and re-developed aseptic technique elearning course was instigated to ensure that clinical staff are able to easily access training, without taking time away from the workplace. It further allows more staff to train in this subject in a shorter time frame. Future online training courses, which are due to be produced, will ultimately support our medical student's curriculum.

This course has been designed to highlight the areas necessary for good practice and to enable you to gain an understanding of what is expected.

This course will:

  • Provide medical students with current guidance.

  • Define asepsis in relation to the workplace

  • Discuss principles of ANTT

  • Explore indications for using an ANTT

This course includes assessment questions for you to consolidate your knowledge of ANTT

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The Clinical Skills strategy is designed to meet the Trust's vision of care, respect and responsibility. The core principles are:

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  • Provision of initial teaching carried out in a simulated environmentwithin the clinica lskills Laboratory and Undergraduate Centre.
  • Ensuring competency assessment is carried out prior to undertaking supervised practice in the clinical environment to a level of safe and confident competent practice.
  • To achieve effective clinical outcomes and ensure positive patient experience.
  • Support continuing clinical competence and clinical excellence through staff development to ensure care delivery is of a high quality
  • To ensure that all learning is seen to have a positive impact in the workplace.
  • Good practice and success is celebrated and shared.
  • To embrace and take forward the commercial potential of DGH education program by deploying a positive Marketing Strategy to other market forces.

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